Oct 7th


Will this even happen? Over the past few months, they have gotten the WSOP online events though read more (United States) and read more (international). I have some inside scoop (can't mention names) that the live WSOP 2020 in Vegas will likely not happen this year at all. The online events in the US could only happen if you were physically in either Nevada, New Jersey, or Delaware. A crying shame if you are located in any other state. This whole thing is getting out of hand. GIVE US OUR POKER BACK!

Jul 1st


Bad Beats Galore

At a low stakes table, it's almost expected. But why does it happen more often than not at the lower tables? Simple. A knowledgeable pro would never call an "all in" for half his stack to catch a "2 outer" on the river... And to only win at 1:3 pot. My only advice is to put your money in good with pot odds in your favor. If one person raises and 5 people call behind you, it's usually not a good idea to call with crap in the hopes of getting lucky.

Jun 17th


Live Poker Again

Well my local casino is open to play poker again. Although it's only limited to 6 handed play per table, I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. This is what they have to say:

Poker is back this Friday, June 12th at 12pm and we couldn’t be more excited! We know that you may have a number of questions upon returning. Here are some of things to expect:

The poker room will run at a limited capacity (15 of 23 tables).

All active tables will have Plexiglass dividers.

All games will run at a maximum of 6 handed.

Team Members and Guests will be required to wear masks.

Cards and Chips will be cleaned on a regular basis.

No Food or Dining will be allowed in the poker area.

May 3rd


High Stakes Poker

It seems the fan favorite "High Stakes Poker" show is going to get new life. Not only are the old episodes running on PokerGo, but it seems they're going to try to film new episodes. I loved this show when it was on... Until they fired AJ Benza, and then fired Gabe Caplan. This was the dumbest move the show suits ever did. I can't even watch the show past the fifth season. PokerCentral has acquired the rights to it... Let's just see if they do it justice. read more

Apr 25th


2020 WSOP Postponed

As everyone had hoped it wouldn't happen, it did. The postponement of the 2020 WSOP is going to be put off until the fall of this year.

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Mar 25th


WSOP and the Corona Virus

Poker players are scratching their heads right now. One article I came across says they should definitely cancel it. Others says they are better watching the situation before taking action. While others (like me) are all for the postponement until September. This could bring back the whole "November 9" thing for the main event. But in this capacity, it's for health reasons.

The fact is that the WSOP (or any other poker event for that matter) can spread sickness. It has been that way since it's been around. People sitting in close proximity from all over the world, touching cards that others have touched, etc. etc. I'm personally giving it another week to see what the CDC and other health organizations report on the matter before I consider canceling my room reservations.

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Mar 2nd


Flopping Quads Against Aces

This was only the second time in my poker gaming that this happened to me in a 1x2 game. The villain only raised pre-flop to $7 with aces. As I've said once before, don't go broke with one pair and always raise a monster. Whenever you slow play a monster, you'll get your head chopped off every time. A thing about aces is that you'll either win a small pot or lose a big one. Especially with a flop like this and someone is calling you down every street and shoving on the river. Which is exactly what happened.

Jan 20th


Don't Go Broke With One Pair

We've all been there. You have AK and someone is betting you down with A8. What you may not know is they flopped 2 pair and you're about to give them all of your money. There are many articles about this, but in the moment, we can always fall in love with top pair.

This is where you need to know the type of opponent you are playing. A tight nit isn't going to bet at this with nothing less then 2 pair or even a set.

Jan 17th


Yes it happens

Set over Set when you go broke. This is only the second time this ever happened to me, but it did happen tonight. There's nothing you can do but go broke here. I looked up the odds and this is what I found.

At a full-ring table you can expect to see a set-over-set scenario roughly once every 1,200 hands.

Jan 11th


The Rules of 2 and 4

Something I picked up from Phil Gordon. Counting your outs and getting the correct percentage of the chance of you winning the hand post-flop are actually pretty easy. Count your outs and on the turn, multiply it by 4. Then on the river, multiply it by 2.

Example: You have 8 outs after the flop - Multiplied by 4 gives you a 32% chance of winning the hand. However, on the river, that gets cut in half to 16%.